Action Plans for FY18

Objective 1: Financial Resources – Sound financial and operational processes drive our resources including people, time, and money.
Goal: Maintain financial solvency by maintaining a current ratio between 1.5 and 3, maintaining a total debt ratio of less than 0.45 (or 45%), and maintaining a line of credit debt ratio of less than 0.15 (or 15%).

Action Plan 1: Increase accountability of Managers for Programs and Departments through communications with Finance and access to electronic finance information.
1. Manage actual staff hours worked and overtime costs within budgeted hours by house/program
o Weekly time reports will be sent out from Finance to the Managers to help manage employees hours worked and control overtime.
o Overtime hours reports will be sent from Finance to Managers and Chiefs after each payroll is processed.
2. Manage income sources (placements, hours, days, etc.) within a designated percentage by program/contract
o Title XX – Increase referrals through relationships with referral sources including DSP61
o Employment Services – Increase referral through weekly contact with DRS Counselors in each area office
o CILA/DT – Actively seek referrals through weekly contact with ISSA agencies throughout the state
3. Explore potential donors and grants to replace computer workstations and infrastructure.

Action Plan 2: Pilot 1 – 2 new fundraising events
o Incorporate an education component into new events to engage new donors

Objective 2: Human Resources – A committed, capable workforce is an essential component for achieving our mission and vision.
Goal: Reduce overall turnover rate for regular employees to less than 40% (stretch target less 30%)

Action Plan 1: Develop and implement strategies to stabilize the workforce for positions with high turnover rates (DSP, Job Coach)
o Develop and implement a revised process for onboarding that focuses on modeling customer focused support
o Implement customer focused support modeling plan with all staff in DSP positions
Action Plan 2: Develop and implement recruitment strategies to target high quality applicants for entry level positions
o Implement revised recruitment and interview process to target applicants with the characteristics of long-term UCP staff

Objective 3: Strategic Growth – We leverage internal and external partnerships to engage in strategic growth that furthers our mission.
Goal: Increase market share by expanding the business model

Action Plan 1: Explore new service lines for children and adult services

Action Plan 2: Engage a new set of donors and volunteers

Action Plan 3: Explore grants for non-traditional funding options.

Objective 4: Program Services – Our overriding commitment to achievement of personal outcomes is reflected in the lives of those we support.
Goal: Individuals served meet or exceed personal outcomes based on NCI criteria within 95% of the Illinois average NCI response.

Action Plan 1: Increase individuals self-directing leisure and recreation choices with an activity of their choice at least 4 times per month
o Perform a preference survey of each individual (QIDP and individual)
o Activity Exploration will be conducted with DT staff, DSP staff, QIDP and each individual
o Activities will be documented in QIDP summaries, T-Logs, and individual reports
Action Plan 2: Individuals will participate in a movement and wellness education opportunity three times per week for 30 minute sessions.
o Daily opportunities will be offered at Day Training
o Health and Wellness education opportunities will be offered by nursing staff
o Individuals will actively participate in medical appointments and self-car