Action Plans for FY16


Objective 1: Financial Resources – Sound financial and operational processes drive our resources including people, time, and money.

Goal: Margin Ration – Revenue exceeds expenses by 2% (R)


Action Plan 1:  Increase accountability for Programs and Departments through communications with Finance and access to electronic finance information.

  1. Manage actual staff hours worked within a designated percentage of budgeted hours by house/program
  2. Manage income sources (placements, hours, days, etc.) within a designated percentage by program/contract


Action Plan 2: Pilot 1 – 2 new fundraising events


Action Plan 3: Employment Services – Implement 30 day placement plan with a more active role that includes individual involvement


Objective 2: Human Resources – A committed, capable workforce is an essential component for achieving our mission and vision.

Goal: Reduce overall turnover rate for regular employees to less than 40% (stretch target less 30%)(R)


Action Plan 1:  Develop and implement strategies to stabilize the workforce for positions with high turnover rates (DSP, Job Coach)


Action Plan 2:  Develop and implement recruitment strategies to target high quality applicants for entry level positions


Objective 3: Strategic Growth – We leverage internal and external partnerships to engage in strategic growth that furthers our mission.

Goal: Increase market share by expanding the business model, 5% growth (C)


Action Plan 1: Explore new product lines for children and adult services


Action Plan 2: Engage a new set of donors


Objective 4: Program Services – Our overriding commitment to achievement of personal outcomes is reflected in the lives of those we support.

Goal: Individuals served meet or exceed personal outcomes based on NCI criteria within 95% of the Illinois average NCI response. (R)


Action Plan 1: Implement Creative Life Professional Center program plan to replace the traditional Developmental Training model


Action Plan 2: Ensure adult satisfaction with services in the 24 hour residential program measured by the NCI survey


Action Plan 3: Improve the quality of services through responsiveness to issues identified through the site visit checklist.


Objective 5: Business Services – Our businesses provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities while providing a sustainable stream of funding.

Goal: Increase sales revenue for Gone for Good by 20% (R)


Action Plan 1:  Implement a sales plan for Gone for Good


Action Plan 3: Implement Sales Force plan with timeline for development, analysis of time and cost of federal contracts.


Action Plan 4: Maximize the use of media to promote UCP Business Enterprise