Children’s Services

Play Group

Play Group meets once-a-month, either at the UCP office or in the community, with activities designed especially for the small learner. This program offers social interaction for the whole family, including parents and siblings.

Play 2 Learn

Play 2 Learn encourages adapted play so that a child with a disability may learn basic skills that all children   master at an early age.  A child’s social interaction is also expanded when   parents, grandparents, siblings, and peers participate with the child in adapted play. The Play 2 Learn toy  lending library has over 1,200 toys, books, and  educational materials available for use.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology offers a child access to the world around him or her by adapting equipment or by using a traditional form of technology such as an adaptive switch. Let our trained AT coordinator assist you in identifying what form of assistive technology can help your child.


Respite provides short-term care for a child with a disability in his or her own home.  A staff person who provides care is well qualified with the training that UCP requires along with the orientation the parent provides. While the child is receiving respite care, the parent is encouraged to go on an outing or even relax at home!



A camping experience offers socialization and confidence building for your child in a safe environment while you are afforded a time of respite. Some camps are overnight, while others meet only during the day. A  variety of camps are offered for children in a variety of age groups. Campers enjoy crafts, swimming, guest speakers, field trips, and songs. UCP provides camping opportunities throughout the summer and winter months.

YES Club

Youth, Education, and Socialization (YES) Club events are an opportunity for youth with disabilities to meet when school is out of session in the afternoon or evening. They gather youth for a meal and a social as well as recreational activity.

Creative Life Kids

The UCP Decatur office hosts an afterschool program that focuses on academic support, reading skills and homework help. Additionally, children will have the opportunity to explore their creative side through music, painting, photography, crafts and drama. They also enjoy a healthy snack daily. Creative Life Kids runs Monday through Friday 3pm to 5pm for children ages 6-21 who are currently attending school. For more information contact Charlie Stobaugh at 217.428.5033.

 Adult Services

Assistive Technology

UCP helps adults with disabilities use the latest technology to live fuller and more meaningful lives. Assistive technology includes mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers, computers, specially adapted toys, work site modifications and communications aids.

Case Management

UCP supports individuals with disabilities living independently in the  community or with family by providing case management and training that promotes independence.  The case manager assists the individual and family in developing living skills, family supports, transportation and job related skills. Medical advocacy and transport services are also available to provide individuals with access to crucial medical care and help them understand their diagnosis and treatment plans to prevent greater health issues in the future.

Creative Life Professional Center

The goal of the Creative Life Professional Center is to assist people with disabilities to gain independence through art, photography and media production. Individuals are able to unleash their creativity and build confidence through the completion of their projects. In addition, individuals learn about household maintenance,  personal and health care, community and social skills, money  management, general  daily living skills, and vocational skills.


The UCP Residential Program provides 24-hour support to individuals living in the central Illinois area. Individuals live in their own homes or apartments within the community. Most share a home with 1 or 2 roommates.

Individuals receive training in maintaining their home, money management, healthy lifestyles and self advocacy. Staff are able to assist with meal preparation, housekeeping, recreation and community activities. UCP maintains 11 fully accessible vans to transport individuals receiving residential supports and nursing staff are available to monitor medical needs, medication and assist in obtaining the proper medical care.

Employment Services

Vocational skills courses offer training in computer training,  janitorial skills, social skills and career  exploration and  assessment. UCP’s employment services provides an      intense job development and placement program to assist people with disabilities with   finding employment in their communities.

Supported Employment provides coaching and case management for people needing on-site job assistance and support.

Healthy U!

UCP host a healthy living group 5 times a week for adults to learn to live a healthier lifestyle. They focus on nutrition, meal planning and eating fresh on a budget. Physical activity is part of the daily routine. Individuals also become more involved and learn more about their  community by spending time volunteering at various organizations. Case mangers also  work with individuals on building life and social skills such as household chores, money management, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyles and proper social behaviors.