The UCP Miller Lite Barstool Open is of our largest fundraisers. In Decatur the event has taken place annually since its debut on January 19th 2002. The UCP Miller Lite Barstool Open is a partnership with George A. Mueller Beer Company, a Miller Lite Distributor located in Decatur.  In the last 15th years the Decatur UCP Miller Lite Barstool Open has grown from 9 bars and around 300 players to as many as 58 bars and over 2,200 players. It is the LARGEST BARSTOOL OPEN IN THE COUNTRY! The best part is in those 16 years it has raised nearly $900,000 for children and adults with disabilities right here in Central Illinois.

Since service delivery was increasing in the Bloomington area, in April of 2011 UCP Land of Lincoln launched the Bloomington UCP Miller Barstool Open in partnership with RaJac Distributing Company, the Miller Lite Distributor in Bloomington. This event is about happen for the 5th time on Sunday, June 5th 2016. We are excited to expand our course options to include bars all over Bloomington.

So what exactly is a Barstool Open???

We find its best understood once you’ve participated so we strongly encourage that! If you have not participated before here is the 411;

Teams of four choose a course, made up of 6-9 bars, and then they travel around to each bar and play a custom built putt putt hole at each. Volunteers tally the scores at each and the end of the day they return to the host bar to see who won the event. Prizes vary from year to year but the post party is always lots of fun!

For more information regarding the UCP Miller Lite Barstool Open please contact marketing@ucpll.org