Customer worker vacuuming area rug.

White Glove Professionals is United Cerebral Palsy Land of Lincoln’s janitorial cleaning service  that uses a green cleaning system and employs people with disabilities.
  • UCPLL uses general purpose products that are Green Seal approved. Use of these products, cleaning schedules, training, and efficient tools reduce the need for more aggressive or specialized cleaners.
  • Color coded micro fiber towels are used to minimize cross contamination and enable low impact, thorough cleaning while reducing water and chemical use.
  • Carpet vacuum equipment capable of capturing 99 percent of particulates with a sound level less than 70dBA, and HEPA filtration is used.
  • UCPLL uses floor care products and techniques that contain no heavy metals and are as much an                     enhancement to the property as they are durable and efficient. NO harmful strippers, burnishing, high speed buffing or dry stripping are used.
  • UCPLL follows customer’s recyclable materials guidelines.
  • UCPLL is committed to environmental sustainability.

Visit our website        http://wgp.ucpll.org/