Customer worker sorting paper.


 Video about Gone for Good – UCP’s Document Destruction Business

                Gone For Good Document Destruction provides services for the security collection, destruction, and recycling of sensitive materials and information.
In today’s technology-driven age, there are those who have made a business out of mining the trash and waste of companies and individuals. Every piece of paper that is thrown away is a potential disaster, companies have a responsibility and an obligation to protect their own information and that of their customers. That’s where Gone For Good comes in.
We provide convenience and complete security from the time you place materials in one of our secure consoles, throughout the collection and shredding process, until the material is destroyed and recycled.

  • Secure and complete document and information material destruction and recycling.
  • Attractive collection consoles placed at customers’ location suitable for office settings
  • Courteous and professional customer service teams
  • Flexible servicing-collection service scheduled to customers needs and convenience.
  • Environmentally friendly—All materials are recycled. For every two consoles a tree is saved.
  • Provides meaningful employment for adults with disabilities.