Macklin                                Macklin working at Bemco with matresses.

Macklin was in the middle of his 5th year at Southeast HS when he started the Ink 186 Vocational Program a project of Springfield School District that partners  with UCP to assist in the transition to adult services. He was a priority to begin  services in the newly developed program due to his age and deficits in functional, social and vocational skills. Macklin showed immediate progress by responding more appropriately when spoken to and expressing his need for help.  Prior to the program his communication was very limited.  Through the program he was able to increase his ability to stay focused on a task for longer periods of time, which expanded his employment opportunities.


Our goal was to make Macklin’s transition as seamless as possible. The school district worked closely with United Cerebral Palsy Land of Lincoln to bring together   a plan that would work for Macklin.  The transition team included: Macklin, his parents, School District 186, Division of Rehabilitation and UCP Land of Lincoln. With the support of his team, Macklin applied for and received a medical card and SSI, was put on the PUNS list and graduated from high school in June of 2015.  The UCP job developer assisted in finding Macklin a job with Bemco Mattress and with the support of a UCP job coach, he is  maintaining his employment in a job that he loves.  You often hear the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.  We believe that Macklin’s success is exactly that…support from every angle; at home and in the community, coming together for the success of an individual.